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Starting 2012 With The Old Republic

by Alex Taldren on January 5, 2012 · 0 comments

Despite my hesitation and overwhelming distaste for the current state of MMORPGs, I’ve started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (like everyone else). In my defense, my brothers caved first, and in a moment of  weakness, I agreed to join them.

The game isn’t bad at all–it’s actually quite good. But I’ve never made an argument against World of Warcraft, RIFT, or any themepark MMOs out there on the grounds of quality. These developers do a good job of creating what they set out to create, and Bioware is no exception.

I have a level 16 Jedi Sentinel and a level 8 Republic Trooper, and both have been fun to play (so far). I’ve enjoyed the voice acting and unfolding stories more than I imagined I would, but understand the long-term limitations of this kind of game design, especially for this genre.

The PvP warzones are fun to an extent. I’m not a fan of the attack/defend game mode as much as the others, but I’ve managed to squeeze some fun from it as well. Playing with my brothers and friends has definitely heightened the experience, as it usually does. We completed one of the first flashpoints together, and it was a good time despite failing a few times.

The Old Republic is basically a glorified singe-player game with cooperative play–and in that regard it does things well. Nevertheless, between Skyrim and Battlefield 3, as well as the whole host of games set to release this year, I’ll probably end up ditching SWTOR sooner rather than later.

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